Lock Out and Free Sit Policy

Our school mission statement reads, “Our mission is to nurture and educate our students while providing a successful transition between their elementary and secondary years.” We make every effort to prepare our students academically and socially for high school as well as becoming familiar with some procedures and policies that they will encounter at Nation Ford High School. With that said, we have two changes that are taking place at the start of the second quarter.

First, we are attempting something we haven’t done in a while with our 8th graders – allowing them some freedom to choose where they sit in the cafeteria. At Nation Ford, they will not have assigned seating in the commons area during lunch which has created some anxiety for many of our students in the past when transitioning to their freshman year. We are starting small and allowing our 8th graders to sit anywhere there is a seat available within the tables that are designated for their team. If that goes well, we may move to free sitting throughout the cafeteria. If students have anxiety during this change, we will work with them to overcome this challenge before they get on the Nation Ford Campus.

Secondly, we will continue the lock-out policy that mirrors the plan that Nation Ford has in place. We have implemented this over the past several years with a lot of success. The lock-out policy goes into effect when a student gets to class after the tardy bell without a pass to enter class. When this happens, that student will spend that class period in the ISS room. This is put in place to get our students out of the halls and into the classrooms. 

We appreciate your continued support and effort in assisting us in carrying out our mission for Fort Mill Middle School.

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